SIDEWALK SALE Large Size Hello Autumn... Printed Sign

    SIDEWALK SALE Large Size Hello Autumn... Printed Sign

    $75.00 $135.00

      ou are purchasing this "piece unique" item - which means you are purchasing a handmade item which is shown in the photos for this particular item.  This item is not customizable.  Please see details below for dimensions and other information on this item.

      PLEASE NOTE: All signs are handmade, unique, and made to the makers creativity. Signs may have unique characteristics such as distressing, weathering effects, etc.

      All signs that include "SIDEWALK SALE" in the title are either surplus, used for product photos, or are reprints due to color tint issues. These signs are just as beautiful and unique and will look just as great in your home! Enjoy the discounted price!

      SIGN DIMENSIONS:  29.25x20.25 inches
        CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  This printed sign is printed by a professional printing company. The design is printed by UV printer onto a rigid, recycled sheet called "PVC ply".  Although the production technique is similar, do not confuse PVC ply with the PVC pipes that plumbers use! PVC ply is outdoor friendly and can be cleaned very easily with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning solution if needed.




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